100% Accuri Enduro Goggles 2017

You have enough obstacles to negotiate when riding off-road. Poor visibility shouldn’t be one of them. The Enduro goggle system features a specially developed dual-pane lens to prevent fogging, enabling you to zero in on the obstacles ahead through any treacherous conditions you throw at it.

1 – Dual–pane Lens
Dual-pane scratch resistant lens prevents fogging in all riding conditions.

2 – Topview Lens
Topview lens technology increases peripheral vision and ventilation.

3 – Oversized Strap
Oversized 45mm wide silicon coated strap eliminates slippage.

4 – Flexible Frame
Flexible urethane frame design enhances fit with increased durability.

5 – Triple Layer Foam
Triple layer moisture managing foam keeps you sweat free.

6 – Simplicity
Utilizes the same replacement lens as all
other 100% goggles.

Category: 100%

Type: Goggles

Vendor: 100%

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